1. We select

Through a network of excellent suppliers, we choose the finest meats from all over the world, favoring sustainable farms that respect the local area.

2. Aging

We personally take care of the maturation of the meats, which we leave to mature in our cell, following them one by one.

3. We Grill

The most awaited and most loved moment. The sizzling grill, the first scents that spread in the air, your favorite table… and your delicacy is served!

Our selection


Pure DNA, animal welfare, controlled feeding and pure water from the sources of the Kyoto plain are fundamental elements of the ancestral knowledge made in Japan, necessary to create a product without equal in the world of meat, obtained from Kuroge or Japanese Black. Its secret is to be found in the sweetness of the intramuscular fat, which already melts at a low temperature and which, once cooked, gives the meat an incomparable softness.


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